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Hello Fellow Newgrounders!

2014-03-05 22:30:46 by DangerousGirl

     I am DangerousGirl(Aka DG)or the person behind the MikuNikuPop Youtube channel and all its content.I go by other names too,but you'll figure those names out on your own if you care enough.   

      I do many many things and have many goals but the main point of my newgrounds space is to post my flash specific animations and be contacted for Voice work.I am a Voice actor/Musician/Sound in general person.If you wish to contact me for voice work or any other sound related things,message me here on Newgrounds and we can work some things out!^_^ 

If you want to have some reference work here is a project by Mittsies i did voice work for. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/634894

P.S ..I do Sound work for all genres of animations or games...yes,even THOSE KINDS(xxx). 

Dg<3 ~



AS of late i have been quite busy,so I will not be able to help out with most things for awhlie.Ill let everyone know when im up for work again.



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2014-03-05 22:52:21

Nice! Welcome to Newgrounds!

DangerousGirl responds:

Aww thankyou.Ive been around for awhile.I just never made an actual newgrounds account.I was a luker for to long xD.An accountless lurker o.o. :D


2014-03-06 00:06:30


If you need any animation help, feel free to ask or visit the CC forum (link on my profile.)

If you really want some voice acting gigs... I suggest
1) updating your profile to reflect your gender and age (especially if prurient roles are your "thing.")
2) making a short demo and uploading to the audio portal

(Updated ) DangerousGirl responds:

Thankyou for this information.I thought it said Female already....as far as age.....Yeah.. i just updated everything.Thanks for giving me the heads up on that.


2014-03-06 00:27:17

I only said age because for "those" types of projects.. you can see where collabing with a minor could be reallllly bad. :)

DangerousGirl responds:

Yeah.I realized that too. XD


2014-03-06 01:16:16

Hey there ^_^ I like the name you chose DangerGirl really POPS! Like the voice acting btw :3 I hope I can get into voice acting someday it's always been a goal of mine.

DangerousGirl responds:

You can do whatever you want if you work hard enough.Or die trying.


2014-03-06 15:34:35

I was a lurker for years, but I've accumulated 4 accounts since the first time I visited Newgrounds. I'll look forward to your stuff!

DangerousGirl responds:

<3 ^_^


2014-03-10 15:30:55

How can I refuse that voice.... Maybe post some audio/VA demos here? Might help the exploitation...

DangerousGirl responds:

Im glad you like it hun.^^ I am currently working on things that are more newgrounds specific.


2014-03-13 19:35:23

Hey DG, welcome to Newgrounds. I just had a look at your Soundcloud, and the song you submitted called "Nourie's Wacky Creation" is pretty cool, reminds me of the Megadrive!

DangerousGirl responds:

Thankyou hun im glad you liked it.I made it when i was very young on a game from the megadrive so that would make sence.As well i tend to emulate retro sounds frequently.


2014-03-26 17:37:10

I'm kinda surprised your last video upload passed judgement... after all, it wasn't your animation! However, it would've been completely okay to upload the audio, and post a link to the video, even it's in the NG Dump. That's just the way NG works, but I'm sure you were given some leeway, because you're new to NG, and a girl who does *those* kinds of voices.

(Updated ) DangerousGirl responds:

Well you have to keep in mind the fact that i clearly specify in the description that its not my animation and its just a voice over with edited video content.I talked with a moderator before i uploaded this piece.I actually uploaded the wrong version.Ill be uploading the full version with the full guy and girl voice overt tomorrow.


2014-03-26 22:44:08

Wow, that's cool, didn't know that was possible, I'm glad!

DangerousGirl responds:

Yup.Also if you want to see the full version go to my current video and just follow the link to the youtube video.I decided i wont upload the two versions here.