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Hello Fellow Newgrounders!

2014-03-05 22:30:46 by DangerousGirl

     I am DangerousGirl(Aka DG)or the person behind the MikuNikuPop Youtube channel and all its content.I go by other names too,but you'll figure those names out on your own if you care enough.   

      I do many many things and have many goals but the main point of my newgrounds space is to post my flash specific animations and be contacted for Voice work.I am a Voice actor/Musician/Sound in general person.If you wish to contact me for voice work or any other sound related things,message me here on Newgrounds and we can work some things out!^_^ 

If you want to have some reference work here is a project by Mittsies i did voice work for. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/634894

P.S ..I do Sound work for all genres of animations or games...yes,even THOSE KINDS(xxx). 

Dg<3 ~



AS of late i have been quite busy,so I will not be able to help out with most things for awhlie.Ill let everyone know when im up for work again.